We manage projects incorporating planning and control as the fundamental basis for achieving good results. This service includes the coordination of projects, drafting of notices for inspection of services, selection and contracting of third parties.


We work with tools and systems that fit the needs of the customer. We developed planning and control platforms using various software.


We develop processes and routines to ensure that your project is executed within the expected cost. We control operational and administrative costs in works, offices, logistics operations, transportation activities and all types of production process. We work in accordance with the most well-known ERP (s) in the market, RM Coorpore, SAP, Microsiga and others.


We help the client to implement an efficient system of appropriation of costs, linking the launches with the project budget. In case of companies that already have systems and routines, we try to make the most of existing resources and projects, organizing and improving the flow of information.


We perform unit delivery surveys observing the quality of the services performed, specifications considered in projects and memorials and services termination. We have developed control programs for tablets and smartphones that aim to optimize the process of delivery of the work assigning conformities and nonconformities to the responsible in a practical way through our quality web portal.


We have developed an application aimed at achieving greater quality management efficiency in construction sites. We elaborate the verification structure of services in a personalized way for the projects of our clients, adjusting according to the scope and typology of the project. The SCD’s application is integrated into the quality web portal with real-time updates, thus generating information in a practical and fast way for decision making.