The control platform was developed by TecPlaner based on the VBA system and has as basic structure the gantt chart timeline model. This tool integrates all project information such as: budget according to the project specific plan of accounts, physical-financial baseline planning, registration of predecessor and successor activities, schedule of supplies, control charts, monitoring periodic physical-financial evolution , List of activities with start up, list of delayed activities, list of advanced activities, appropriation of costs and report of detailed economic analysis of the project among others.


Line of balance, also known as Time X Path (TxP), is a planning and control technique that takes into account the execution time and the repetitive character of the activities of a building. Through our line of balance, our clients have a clearer and more objective view of the execution of the activities, serving as a support tool in improving productivity, quality in the beds and optimization of time in decision making.

The Line of Balance (LOB) method applied to civil construction spread in Europe and the United States, in works with very repetitive services. The technique is still little used and used in Brazil, since it requires specialized labor with high level human capital to use and interpret the data. Just as in the other tools we developed by the VBA system a TxP with employed technology that makes it as efficient for control as programs available in the market.